Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Management Breakdown

I talked to my GM about the problems I was having with Amanda.  She was very receptive, said she needed to hear both sides of the story, but would talk to her and appreciated the mature manner in which I was handling things.  Yeah, I'm every GM's wet dream.

However, the problems don't appear to be resolved, and for whatever reason I'm getting the short end of the stick.

Now, Amanda is our FOH manager and in charge of scheduling.  Even though I'm full-time and can work up to 40 hours a week, for two weeks now I have been scheduled three nights, Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday.  I'm one of the top servers in sales, tip percentages, etc. and I'm averaging about 14 hours a week and am available 40.  Not only that, but every time I work with her, she puts me in the section that is first cut, so I don't even get to stay long enough to make any money.

Well, Rachel, our GM, decided to pencil me in some extra shifts to make sure I was getting utilized.  So she scheduled me for Monday and Tuesday as well.  Last night I came in and I wasn't on the floor.  When I asked Amanda to put me on, she gave me four tables in the back of the restaurant.  The worst part it, if one of the tables is sat, the other one can't because they are too close together, so essentially it is a three-table section...and yes, first cut.

Tonight I went in and Andrew, our BOH manager was working.  Again, I wasn't on the floor, and he told me that he didn't need me and to go home.  Go home?  Go home?  I was on the schedule, same as everyone else, so why am I the one that goes home?  Why not send the lazy jackass home who never buses his section and gets some of our worst tips?  Or the girl that is complaining she is sick!?  Why do I get sent home?  "Because you were penciled in and it wouldn't be fair to send someone home who was scheduled to be here."

I WAS SCHEDULED TO BE HERE!  That is why I left my day job early!  That is why the GM put her initials next to my name.  Just because it is written in pencil and not ink doesn't make me any less on the schedule. 

So, the FOH manager doesn't like me, the GM is trying to help me, but didn't express it properly to the BOH, who sent me home.  A breakdown in management?  Yeah, I think so.

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